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Thank you for choosing our practice for your gastrointestinal health. Please complete the form below to submit a request for a Direct Access Colonoscopy with one of our Board-Certified Gastroenterologists. This service is not intended for urgent or emergency situations, as online request are handled Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
If you are having an emergency, call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.
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Sleep apnea:YesNo
TIA (transient ischemic attack:YesNo

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Anorexia? YesNo
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Bloody Sputum? YesNo
Fever? YesNo

How many stools do you have on a daily basis?

Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer?* YesNo
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Have any relatives had colon polyps?* YesNo
If yes, please list your relationship: Not Applicable

Have any relatives had any of the following? If yes, please specify the relationship:*
Breast Cancer: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Cirrhosis of liver: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Crohn's Disease: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Kidney Cancer: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Ovarian Cancer: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Pancreatic Cancer: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Sprue (Celiac Disease): Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Stomach Cancer: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Ulcerative Colitis: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin
Uterus Cancer: Not ApplicableParentGrandparentChildAunt/UncleCousin

Have you had any problems with sedatives or anesthesia in the past?* YesNo
If yes, please specify the problems you experienced with sedatives or anesthesia: Not Applicable

Have you had any surgeries in the past?* YesNo
If yes, please list all surgeries you've had with approximate dates:Not Applicable

Have you had to stay in the hospital overnight for anything besides surgeries?* YesNo
If yes, list the medical conditions that were treated and give the approximate dates: Not Applicable

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If yes, list all prescription medications you are taking, and their doses: Not Applicable

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If yes, list all non-prescription medication you have taken in the last few weeks, or that you take frequently. Include pain-killers, vitamins, laxatives, and how often you take each: Not Applicable

Are you currently prescribed to any blood thinning medications(Examples: Coumadin (Warfarin), Plavix, Aggrenox, Pletal)?*YesNo
If yes, list the type of blood thinning medication that you are prescribed, dosage and the conditions that you are taking this medication for:Not Applicable

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